Commercial Area

Founding of Companies and Amendments to the Articles of Association
Mergers and Splits
Board Meeting Representation, Boards of Directors
Foundations, Cooperatives, Employee-owned Companies and Limited Joint Stock Companies, Foreign Securities Holding Companies, Temporary Joint Ventures
Commercial Contracts

Labour Area

Legal Proceedings within Labour Law: Dismissals, Actions for Payment, Disqualifications, etc.
Labour Inspectorate Actions
Down-sizing Plans
Industrial Actions
Top Management Contracts

Litigation Area

Actions for Payment
Company Law Proceedings
Contesting Agreements and Contracts
Directors' Liability
Civil Liability
Bankruptcy Proceedings

New Technologies and Data Protection Area

Establishment of Data Protection Systems
Due Diligence in e-commerce
Website Legal Analysis
Software Intellectual Property
Domain Recovery

Civil Area

Real Estate Transactions
Leasing and Property Charges
Ownership Proceedings
Incapacity Proceedings

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