your trusted advisor, day by day.

Àmbit Assessor, SL counts with more than 30 years dedicated to tax consultancy, accounting and labour of the SME.

In this time we have lived three economic cycles, offering in every moment the precise solutions, with efficiency, agility and dynamism. Because we are expert, vocational and compromised, because we live through the company, because we can adapt, we like the challenges and we are not afraid about changes.

Àmbit jurídico-económico,
economic vision and law warranty.

Àmbit jurídic-econòmic, SLP develops the professional activity, offering legal and economicdisciplines, which SME requires. We are specialized lawyers in labour, commercial, fiscal and civil and specialized economists in finances, management control, organization and plan of business.

We are distinguished by our knowledge of the complexity of the company; because of it we contribute value and obtain better results.

Àmbit Assessor
is member of MGI Worldwide,

a TOP 20 international accounting network
of independent audit, tax and accounting firms,
which brings together the expertise of some 5.000 professionals
in over 250 locations around the world.


Integral Advice
Specialist Vocational Professionals
Technology for Closing Gaps
Reliable, Straightforward Procedures
Continuing Education
We step up to responsibilities
Timely Information
Data Protection
One-to one service

ethical principles

Professional Training
Integrity and Accuracy
Freedom and Independence
Objectivity and Client Information
Confidentiality and Data Protection

Síganos en:
Rbla Catalunya, 98 5º2ª 08008. Barcelona

Olesa de Montserrat
Mallorca, 11-13 08640. Olesa de Montserrat

T +34 933 233 100 - ambit@ambitassessor.com

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