Human Resources

Agility, Efficiency and Safety;
the basic principles
for a long-lasting relationship

The Human Resources department of every company is, by definition, one of the most complicated and delicate departments to manage.

In this sense, it is essential that it by managed by the principles of Agility, Efficiency and Safety.

Ensuring that payslips are received on time and without errors, that the company is up to date with its Social Security obligations, and that it enjoys all the benefits offered by law, not only has an impact on the company’s margins, but also on ensuring a positive working environment.

We work hard to gain our customers’ trust so that they can focus on those matters that provide added value to their company and not have to worry about the daily management of the workplace.

Servicios Jurídico Laborales àmbit assessor
Social Security

Registration of companies and Social Security contributions.

Registration, leave and modifications.

Monthly processing of forms (TC1 and TC2).

Processing of forms and requests for medical leave, confirmation and registration; notification of work accidents.

Servicios Jurídico Laborales àmbit assessor

Preparation and drafting of contracts according to job characteristics, company needs, contract types and possible bonuses.

Modifications of employment contracts (changes to permanent contracts, extensions, etc.).

Servicios Jurídico Laborales àmbit assessor

Monthly preparation of salary payrolls considering all the variables, complements, incentives, benefits.

Settlement of arrears due to review of Agreements.

Withholding calculations according to compensation and tax regulations.

Preparation of dismissals and settlements.

Servicios Jurídico Laborales àmbit assessor
Stay up-to-date

Follow our blog and be informed of all the relevant HR news.

For all of this, we have a team of committed HR consultants who are experts in this area waiting to help out.

We also have state of the art IT systems that allow us to offer an agile, personalised and efficient management through our new HR management platform.

Meritxell Arnal Domingo

Directora del Área Laboral
de Àmbit Assessor






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